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Types Of Steel Beams Used In Residential Construction.
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Types Of Steel Beams Used In Residential Construction.

Types Of Steel Beams Used In Residential Construction

Beams are horizontal long sturdy structures in construction. They provide structural support by transferring the load across the columns. Beams and columns work together to move the structure’s weight and load to the foundation. Beams are constructed horizontally; the weight in the beam acts vertically downwards. The primary purpose of the beam is to resist the bending forces of load. In general, the beams are either made up of steel or reinforced concrete. 

Purpose of beam:

  • Load resistance
  • Retaliate bending moment and shear forces.
  • Connect the frame.
  • Uniform distribution of loads.

JSW dealers have well-trained structural engineers who design the shape and size of the beam to balance the load and force acting on them.

Types of Steel beams:

  1. W-beam
  2. H-beam
  3. I-beam
  4. T-section Beam
  5. L-section Beam
  6. Channel Beams

 Also known as the wide flange are bar-shaped building elements. The horizontal part at the upper and lower side is called a flange, and the middle connecting vertical position is called a web. The W – beam is lighter, making it ideal for small residential buildings.

 These beams have wider flanges. Since they are heavier than W-beam and I-beam, they are used in large residential construction and large trailers and bridges. Steel Suppliers suggest using this type of beam for more extensive projects because the shape of the H-beams allows them to bear larger loads.

However, I beams are lighter in weight, and the middle vertical web is thinner. I beams are most commonly used in industrial applications, but now you can see them used in some residential projects. A narrow cross-section of the I beam allows it to withstand force in one direction.

As the name implies, they are structural beams with a “T” shape. Few variations depending on the measurements are available in the market. If width and length are the same, it is called equal length T; if the width and height are unequal, they are called unequal T. They are most commonly used in shipbuilding and tanks.

Commonly referred to as angle beams have legs at unequal lengths and are joined at 90 degrees, forming the letter L. They are reliably stable and are commonly used to anchor the flooring system to the foundation. They also provide a clamp-like structure to support the other beams.

Channel beams, commonly referred to as c beams, are cost-effective and widely used in residential construction. They are used in light load applications and for short span lengths. They are used in home appliances and furniture supports.

As steel is one of the versatile materials, it is used in every part of the construction, from foundation to roof. JSW steel dealers in Chennai are the pioneers in the steel industry and provide various high-quality construction steel at affordable prices. Do not hesitate to contact us for any queries and enquiries. 

Steel is one of the most widely used materials in residential construction, and steel beams are often used to provide structural support for the walls and other building components. Steel beams come in many varieties and can be used for many different applications. To help you choose the right beam for your residential building project, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular types of steel beams used in residential construction.

1. Universal Beams (UB): Universal beams, also known as I-beams, are commonly used as the structural backbone of walls and ceilings. They are lightweight and are available in a range of lengths and sizes to suit a variety of applications. Universals beams come in mild steel or high-tensile strength steel, and are typically used for walls and other one-off projects.

2. Joists: Joists are lightweight, horizontal beams that provide structural support for ceilings. They are available in a range of sizes and lengths and typically span from wall to wall. Joists are commonly used to support ceiling drywall and provide a stable base for other materials.

3. RSJ Steel Beams: RSJ steel beams (also known as H-beams) are typically used to provide support for walls and other critical elements. RSJ beams are available in a wide range of sizes and can span a good distance when necessary. RSJ steel beams are often used in residential construction and can be used to carry larger loads when needed.

4. Angle Beams: Angle beams are a type of L-shaped steel beam that is usually used to provide support for walls. Angle beams are available in a wide variety of sizes and can be used as either a single beam or in pairs to provide extra strength. Angle beams are popular in residential construction and can be used to support heavier loads when necessary.

Whichever type of steel beam is best for your residential construction project, it is important to ensure that it is properly installed and secured for safety. Steel beams are incredibly durable and can provide a sturdy foundation for many years of use. Make sure to consult with a qualified steel beam specialist to ensure that the job is done properly.

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