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Sunday 29th January 2023
Dynamic Manufacturing India metal cutting machine tool special
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Dynamic Manufacturing India metal cutting machine tool special

Dynamic Manufacturing India metal cutting machine tool special

India’s metal-cutting machine tools sector is one of the biggest markets for the global USD 76-B MCMT industry. Local and international players have their hands full catching up with the post-pandemic pent-up demand – a trend reflected in the mega-buzz around IMTEX 2023. In this issue, we feature actionable insights from industry leaders on top growth opportunities and their offerings for this year’s biggest industry event

The global Metal Cutting Machine Tools (MCMT) market size was valued at USD 76 billion in 2022, projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8 percent in the next five years, according to a recent Fortune Business Insights report. India is among the world’s biggest metal-cutting machine tools markets, with sectors like automotive, general engineering, energy and aerospace being the major demand drivers. The industry faced one of its biggest challenges in recent history, with more than two years of uncertain growth, affected by global demand headwinds. In recent months, the sector has started to witness a level of activity and demand close to the pre-pandemic levels and that excitement is being seen around this year’s IMTEX, which is drawing exhibitors and visitors from India and overseas in large numbers.

Our current issue focuses on the operations and growth plans of companies that are participating in the exhibition. Industry thought leaders who shared insights with us included Gautam K. Ahuja, the CEO & Managing Director of Gühring India; Rajesh Ghashi, Managing Director, CHIRON INDIA Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd; Dhiruj Sarda, Director, East Coast Magnets Private Limited; Sharad Kulkarni, Managing Director, Dormer Pramet India; a; Arun Upanal, Director, Upanal – CNC Pvt Ltd; Tridib Majumder, Managing Director, Quaker Houghton India, and Vineet Seth, Managing Director, Mastercam India. Presenting, their views on the sector, the challenges, demand drivers, and the offerings and the product launches that they plan to showcase at IMTEX 2023.

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