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Downloadable Steel Raw Materials Excel Files: 12 January 2023.
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Downloadable Steel Raw Materials Excel Files: 12 January 2023.

Downloadable Steel Raw Materials Excel Files

The rise in demand for steel globally is pushing the industry to find new and innovative ways to produce and deliver superior quality raw materials to our customers. In order to meet this demand, we are excited to announce our upgrade to our steel raw materials catalog, offering download of an Excel file for each defined category of materials.

Benefits of Downloadable Files

Our downloadable files offer the following benefits:

  • Data accessibility – Users will now be able to easily download and store all the data for steel raw materials directly from our website.
  • Data accuracy – All information regarding the steel raw materials in our catalog will be accurate and up to date as all data is automatically transferred to the Excel files during download
  • Convenience – Our downloadable Excel file makes it easy to search, compare, and store data regarding steel raw materials.

Feature Guidelines

The files will bring:

  • Up to date information – All the raw materials data in the Excel files will be updated according to the most recent catalog.
  • Easy sorting – We have provided sorting, filtering and search functions to make it easier for you to find the materials you need.
  • Multiple file formats – We offer our downloadable Excel file in .xls, .xlsx, .csv and .txt formats for ease to work.

Availability of Service

The new version of our downloadable Excel file will be available from the 12 January 2023. We value our customer feedback and appreciate your patience while we were making this change – now, you can more conveniently access our catalog of steel raw materials!

We are excited to provide this powerful new tool and assure you that our Excel files will provide superior information on all steel raw materials. Download your steel raw materials catalog today and enjoy the convenience of having all the latest data at your fingertips. Thank you for being a valued customer of XYZ, Inc.!

What are the standard raw material steel dimensions available in the Excel file?

The standard raw material steel dimensions available in the Excel file are:

– Thickness: 0.023 in, 0.035 in, 0.049 in, 0.063 in, 0.079 in, 0.095 in, 0.118 in, 0.134 in, 0.156 in, 0.18 in, 0.204 in, 0.25 in, 0.292 in, 0.375 in, 0.496 in

– Width: 24 in, 48 in, 72 in, 96 in

– Length: 8ft, 12ft, 16ft, 24ft, 28ft, 32ft, 40ft

– Coil width: 19 in, 38 in, 58 in, 78 in, 98 in, 118 in

What steel sizes are available in the Excel file?

The Excel file includes steel sizes ranging from 6mm to 250mm. The global steel industry is preparing for an exciting breakthrough in technology with the anticipated release of downloadable steel raw materials excel files in January 2023. This revolutionary addition to the electronic marketplace will enable steel manufacturers, buyers, and suppliers to access real-time data on the price, availability, and physical characteristics of the steel commodities they need.

The downloadable files will be offered in both a tabular and graphic format. Users will be able to quickly compare different types of steel, filter out specific categories and make more informed decisions. The files are expected to save time and reduce paperwork while providing more accurate assessments.

Steel is a critical component in many industries, and the software upgrade has been welcomed by both producers and consumers. The new platform will provide more transparency into the steel supply chain, allowing buyers to make well-informed choices. Manufacturers can access real-time pricing and order details to better predict lead times and supply chain performance.

Suppliers, who previously had to negotiate with different buyers for the same product, can now access a single-source database with up-to-date information. Furthermore, the improved tracking capabilities will enable them to better monitor shipment arrivals, product quality, and source-related issues.

Not only does the downloadable steel raw material excel files platform promise economic gains for stakeholders, but it will have significant ambitions for environmental improvement. By providing easier access to steel production data and improving the optimization of steel production and inventory, the project aims to reduce the environmental impact of steel production.

The release of this updated software comes at an opportune time, as markets across the world are responding to changing consumer demands and higher levels of competition. The new platform is the latest example of how technology is transforming the steel industry.

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